Mobbed with Money

From Farmington to Portland and in between, we’re being mobbed. Cash mobbed, that is.

The latest convergence of charitable giving, social media and community development is in the form of these cash mobs, where a group of like-minded people pool their funds (usually $10-20 per person) and target an individual small business or non profit to benefit.

There was just a cash mob at Wicked Gelato, a woman-owned café in Farmington. A couple of weeks ago a cash mob descended on Portland’s Planned Parenthood that raised $2,200 in donations and spurred public support of the health clinic.

Maine is not alone. An article in the latest Chronicle of Philanthropy shows the trend is catching on from coast to coast, giving charities a bump in both fundraising and visibility. Grassroots, fueled through Facebook and low-cost, cash mobs are fun but won’t raise the kind of money to sustain a non profit. Regardless, it’s a great publicity and engagement tool that you can be certain will be popping up in greater frequency as we head into the holiday season.


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President of Giving Strong, Inc. Christen advises businesses, foundations and families for how to make a greater social impact.