Gold Medal Giving

What will Gold Medalist Michael Phelps do next? He told the media that he’ll be focused on making the most of his namesake Michael Phelps Foundation. In just two years, through its “im” program, Phelps’ foundation has taught more than 2,300 children how to swim, from its home base here in Portland, Maine, across the nation to Los Angeles. Most graduates are under 12 years old, the most vulnerable age to drowning.

Let Michael tell you about it: Michael Phelps in his own words

Note that im goes beyond water safety. By collaborating with the Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Special Olympics gets kids moving all year round, encouraging an active lifestyle.

Phelps is just beginning his philanthropic journey, seeding the Foundation with a bonus received in 2008 from his swimwear sponsor Speedo for winning eight gold medals at the Olympics in Beijing. im is likely just the first of many that will help Phelps achieve his “Dream-Plan-Reach” mission, opening a world of possibilities to young people and giving them the tools to re-invent their futures and improve their prospects through imagination and hard work. Just imagine what a record breaker like Phelps can do when he switches his focus full time from training to giving…


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