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Upping the ante and going “all in” for a greater social impact

  The spring line from women’s clothing designer Eileen Fisher is 60 percent “eco,” on their path to reaching 100 percent sustainability by 2020, going “all in.” Similarly, the FB Heron Foundation has about 60 percent of its assets invested in mission, on the path to reaching 100 percent, going “all in.” These women-led enterprises […]

Millennial Fever | What do they want?

I just gave a guest lecture about triple bottom line business practices to an MBA class studying sustainability at the University of Southern Maine, those coveted Millennials whose generation is shaping business and culture. Everyone’s talking about Millennials (born roughly between 1980-2000). Any Google news search will uncover a litany of headlines about their influence: […]

In managing a workplace crisis, the best defense is a strong offense

When something goes wrong in business, by accident or by design, a company will have a better chance to positively emerge from crisis if it has the benefit of the doubt from its stakeholders. If a company is recognized as an upstanding corporate citizen because of how it treats its employees, contributes to the community […]

Are you a “talker” or a “walker?” Corporate Social Responsibility in 2014

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is the recently published by KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013 shows that CSR (also known as Sustainability) reporting is now a mainstream business activity all over the world practiced by 71 percent of the 4,100 companies studied across 41 countries. To […]

From campus protests to your retirement fund, how divesting from fossil fuels and investing in ESGs work

Student activism on college campuses has spurred broad, popular discussion of serious issues for decades. When I was in college, the student activist movement across the country was to band our efforts together to pressure an end to apartheid, the South African government-sanctioned racism and legal segregation.  Nelson Mandela and Stephen Biko were our heroes […]

Going eco-chic. That’s neat.

Shhh. Hear that? It’s me driving in my new Prius Plug-In.  The hybrid electric car is so quiet that the dog didn’t even hear it coming down the driveway. Neat. What’s especially neat about the Prius is its estimated 95 MPG in hybrid  mode, giving me an 11 mile range running on pure battery. That’s […]

People, planet and profits: Next year’s triple bottom line agenda for Maine Business for Sustainability

There are a lot of different definitions for what it means to be sustainable business- green practices, sticking around for the long haul, sourcing wholesome supplies and more. As the practice of sustainable business matures its top practitioners today agree it also encompasses sound fiscal management/ governance, positive employee relations, environmental considerations and some kind […]

What’s lurking under your sink can kill you: Get even more aware about pink

Are you a label reader? I’ve long scrutinized ingredient lists in the grocery store aisle- starting years ago with calories and fat, of course, and once I became a mom, checking for sugar, corn syrup and hormone-free. Then, as I learned more about quality pet nutrition, I started to scope out dog food with a […]

What the new poverty report has to do with NMTCs in Maine

Yesterday’s Op Ed in this paper by Charlie Spies, the CEO of Portland-based CEI Capital Management had some great facts about preserving local business, creating jobs and environmental sustainability that come from investing New Markets Tax Credits. In case you missed it, the piece noted: “Approximately 2,000 direct jobs have been preserved or created in […]