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A peek into next generation philanthropy – It’s not just which problems they plan to tackle but how

A just released survey of the next generation philanthropist (Generations  X, Y and millennials) indicates a shift in how they are giving. It’s a bit of a throwback to the style of Rockefeller and Carnegie – rather than be satisfied with “checkbook charity,” they are increasingly more engaged and focused on what measurable impact they’ll […]

A Matter of Degrees: Business and philanthropy innovate to help more students reach college

The headlines are worse every day – college debt is higher than ever and the burden is being shared by students and their whole families, now to the point where society is questioning the value of a higher education degree. The New York Times just reported this sobering story: In the first three months of […]

Born in the USA … and giving back at home

Musicians are best positioned to lead a social movement, using their celebrity position to advocate for causes and raise funds for charity. Yes, even Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are using their fundraising power to draw their fans to donate to charities as diverse as disaster relief and cancer research. Beyond using star-power to raise […]

A Rock Solid Century of Strategic Philanthropy

Let’s play the “Who am I?” game. With the lofty mission “To promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world,” and seeded with an initial $35 million, this philanthropist started his namesake foundation which eventually eradicated deadly diseases from the map, restructured public health service delivery and backed a new generation of doctoral scholars to […]