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Great news from shoes

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On occasion, business competitors will transcend their rivalries to unite for a common purpose and Corporate Social Responsibility is elevated to an industry standard. Coming up in April, the footwear industry will mark such an effort with Footwear Cares®, an industry‐wide community service program led by the Two Ten Footwear Foundation and the event’s title […]

In managing a workplace crisis, the best defense is a strong offense

When something goes wrong in business, by accident or by design, a company will have a better chance to positively emerge from crisis if it has the benefit of the doubt from its stakeholders. If a company is recognized as an upstanding corporate citizen because of how it treats its employees, contributes to the community […]

Are you a “talker” or a “walker?” Corporate Social Responsibility in 2014

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is the recently published by KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013 shows that CSR (also known as Sustainability) reporting is now a mainstream business activity all over the world practiced by 71 percent of the 4,100 companies studied across 41 countries. To […]

Are you a cause marketer? Good for you! Here are some important legal updates to know

As businesses from the National Football League to the corner store to your neighborhood dry cleaner paint their products pink to support breast cancer awareness this month, states continue to update and refine the rules and regulations surrounding the cause marketing campaigns where businesses pledge donations to charities based on consumer purchases. Not all cause […]

Skip the lip service- Demand authentic social responsibility from business

When it comes to rebuilding a reputation, remember the “Action, not words” mantra of Cornelia Connelly. It’s another way to say be authentic, put your money where your mouth is, walk the talk… You get the drift. So we’ll see how the new CEO of Barclay’s Bank fares in its rebuilding public trust in the […]

Cost of Child Care can cripple family budget; Leading companies work to ease the burden

When my two children finally were old enough to leave Day Care and start school full time I remember thinking I could use the savings to pay the mortgage on a beach house! Seems that the expense of child care has only climbed higher. A new report published by Child Care Aware of America shows daycare surpassing other household […]

From Floundering to Flourishing – How to turn around a foundation that’s falling short

We recently met with a company whose Corporate Foundation is struggling to stay relevant as it reaches its five year anniversary. Unfortunately this is an all-too-common scenario. Let’s face it, developing and managing an effective foundation is not a company’s core business. This doesn’t mean the company doesn’t mean well. In this situation, as part […]

Parallel universes of ethical and unethical companies

While we were out celebrating Independence Day, more bad news about British bank Barclays’ lies and financial chicanery continued to break. In the US most of us saw the headlines that the bank president Bob Diamond quit in shame. But a column in the English newspaper The Guardian shows the bank’s annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) […]

Latest CSR Report – IBM fills government’s gap in the community


The letter from IBM (NYSE: IBM) President and CEO Virginia “Ginni” Rometty introducing the company’s newest Corporate Social Responsibility report sets a high standard. She wrote with full optimism that after meeting with employees, government officials and business leaders that she’s gleaned: “First was the belief that despite the present troubles of the world’s economy, […]