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Buy low, sell high. Fear? That’s the other guy’s problem…

It's the 30th anniversary of Trading Places.

It’s the 30th anniversary of that classic Eddie Murphy – Dan Ackroyd – Jamie Lee Curtis movie Trading Places where that quote was first spoken, and the Duke brothers’ progeny are still making BLT’s and using insider information to cheat the public. Here are just a couple of headlines this summer: JPMorgan Chase to pay […]

LiveStrong Foundation President Doug Ulman on Authenticity


LiveStrong Foundation President Doug Ulman was brave enough to keep his appointment to address the Cause Marketing Forum just one day after the news broke that Nike would pull its corporate sponsorship. Doug is a three time cancer survivor himself, so he’s faced tougher news. And he told the crowd of 500 professionals working in […]

Cause Marketing 101 (or how to avoid an Attorney General investigation)

Congratulations! Your company is going to support a cause that’s important to your stakeholders by earmarking a portion of product sales to a charity. But be cautious- new legal guidelines are in place to protect customers, charities, and your company. Based on the popularity of the Pink Ribbon campaigns that raise funds for breast cancer […]

Voting on corporate behavior: Values investing


As an investor re-jiggering your investment portfolio or your 401K, do you also consider a company’s values? Increasingly we can make investment choices based on more than business fundamentals and performance, but also apply an additional filter based on our personal values. You can invest in companies based on their environmental practices, political preferences and […]

What’s lurking under your sink can kill you: Get even more aware about pink

Do you read the label on your cleaning or personal care products?

Are you a label reader? I’ve long scrutinized ingredient lists in the grocery store aisle- starting years ago with calories and fat, of course, and once I became a mom, checking for sugar, corn syrup and hormone-free. Then, as I learned more about quality pet nutrition, I started to scope out dog food with a […]

Grab a slice! Purpose-driven pizza in Portland

Prayer flags and the "Think good thoughts" slogan at the wood-fired clay oven at the Portland Flatbread Pizza Company.

Can you have too much of a good thing? Not when it comes to pizza, and especially when it comes from Flatbread Pizza Company. Flatbread’s is famous for its delicious, all-natural , wood fired, clay oven baked pizza. The crust is just the right combination of chewy, salty and sweet. The organic ingredients are always […]

Skip the lip service- Demand authentic social responsibility from business

When it comes to rebuilding a reputation, remember the “Action, not words” mantra of Cornelia Connelly. It’s another way to say be authentic, put your money where your mouth is, walk the talk… You get the drift. So we’ll see how the new CEO of Barclay’s Bank fares in its rebuilding public trust in the […]

Who’d a thunk it? Success stories from rural Maine

One of the great things about running a successful business Maine, especially rural Maine, is the “Who’d a thunk it?” factor.  Consider the origins of Burt’s Bees, founded north of Bangor by Roxanne Quimby and Burt Shavitz. Today it’s a billion dollar subsidiary of the Clorox Company. Wyman’s of Maine is a global farm company […]

From Floundering to Flourishing – How to turn around a foundation that’s falling short

We recently met with a company whose Corporate Foundation is struggling to stay relevant as it reaches its five year anniversary. Unfortunately this is an all-too-common scenario. Let’s face it, developing and managing an effective foundation is not a company’s core business. This doesn’t mean the company doesn’t mean well. In this situation, as part […]